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1st FIBA/BPA Meeting in Mexico a Huge Success - 3/20/03

Raúl, Joel, Toño, Eva, David, Bob and Bill with baleros on top of Piramide del Sol, Pyramid of the Sun, Teotihuacan, Mexico. Pyramid of the moon in the background.

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Matches Played:


Eva vs Bill - Eva wins 1st match ever between FIBA / BPA. Coming from behind Bill made it to the exit throw windmill flip but Eva quickly finished winning.


Bob vs Tin Tan - Tin Tan wins leaving Bob in the dust.


Joel vs David - David wins with a swing flip down exit throw coming from behind.


Pairs Match: Bill and Homar vs Bob and Tin Tan - Bill and Homar win in sudden death with a tre over and out exit throw.

FIBA and BPA players on Acatlan Campus, UNAM, Naucalpan, Mexico - Bill, Homar, Bob, Raúl, David and Leches and Toño in back row. Painted rock behind. Click to enlarge

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03 México  2003

MEXICO | FIBA | BPA | 3/10/03 - 3/17/03

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bulletCoyoacan Pictures
bulletAcatlan/UNAM Pictures
bulletUnderground Bar Pictures
bulletBasilica de los Remedios Pictures
bulletBalero at Semaforos Bar Naucalpan Pictures
bulletTeotihuacan Pyramid Pictures
bulletXochimilco - El Balero Gigante Pictures

Painters of Coyoacan Pictures


bulletTin Tan 10 Capirucho Pumas Video - 609kb
bulletDon Joel 11 Capirucho Pumas Video 825kb
bulletDon Joel 22 Capirucho Video 896kb
bulletEva Windmill Flip Video 382kb
bulletHomar Impossible Video 492kb
bulletNinos en Ciudadela Video 2.6Mb
bulletUnderground Bar Video 3.5Mb
bulletBill/Eva get ready Video 3.9Mb
bulletEva vs Bill Video 7.1Mb
bulletTin Tan vs Bob Video 3.3 Mb
bulletTre vs Don Joel Video 9.5Mb
bulletBill/Homar vs Tin Tan/Bob Video 10MB
bulletPyramid Poledance Video 8.4Mb
bulletTeotihuacan Pyramids Video 23.9Mb

Xochimilco - El Balero Gigante Video 10.2MB



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Coyoacan Pictures

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Acatlan/UNAM Pictures

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Underground Bar Pictures

church16_small.jpg (3076 bytes)

Basilica de los Remedios Pictures

semaforos.jpg (188095 bytes)

Semaforos Bar Naucalpan Pictures

pyr29.jpg (65886 bytes)

Teotihuacan Pyramid Pictures

pyr90.jpg (49444 bytes)

Raúl | Don Joel | Toño

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Xochimilco - El Balero Gigante Pictures

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Painters / Paintings of Coyoacan Pictures



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Tin Tan 10 Capirucho Pumas Video - 609kb - 

Capirucho no sosteniendo la cuerda, adelante atrás. Named after Acatlan UNAM Pumas who do it so well.

Premier videos of capirucho pumas.

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Don Joel 11 Capirucho Pumas Video 825kb -

Capirucho without holding the cord, back and forth. More difficult than capirucho forward alone but the string doesn't wind with pumas so more can be done consecutive without ever having to unwind the string.

pyr81.jpg (64263 bytes)

Don Joel 22 Capirucho Video 896kb -

In a 50 mile an hour wind on top of The Pyramid of the Sun, everyone was having some difficulty throwing balero, but not Joel, seen here making capiruchos as fast as the wind.


eva windmill flip.jpg (20483 bytes)

Eva Windmill Flip Video 382kb - Video premier of the windmill flip, a swing flip on the end of a windmill, Eva pictured above making the windmill flip exit throw in the 1st FIBA/BPA match played.

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Homar Impossible Video 492kb - Video premier of the Impossible, a very difficult swing throw into a grab into lanzando el palo, also a total release throw as can be seen in the picture.

ciud33.jpg (50628 bytes)

Ninos en Ciudadela Video 2.6Mb - Niños y Baleros, Ciudadela Mercado Centro Mexico DF. The kids have much fun when we give them our baleros to play with, of course they were demanding the baleros from us.


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Underground Bar Video 3.5Mb, Underground Bar Pictures

A stop at an underground bar where we tried pulque, thick milky beer made from the agave cactus served in a bucket. Corona is more safe for Americans.

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Bill/Eva get ready Video 3.9Mb

Eva asks Bill to play a match to 500 while everyone mills around throwing baleros.


billeva1a.jpg (83370 bytes)

Eva vs Bill Video 7.1Mb - 1st FIBA/BPA match ever. Eva beats Bill with the windmill flip exit throw. Eva shows superiority with capiruchos reaching 500 first. Bill makes it to the exit throw and gets a couple shots at it. Bill - "The first time I ever tried the windmill flip was right before the match, I made one - Eva won with the capiruchos anyway - Viva Eva!"


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Tin Tan vs Bob Video 3.3 Mb

Tin Tan beats Bob with superior capiruchos. Bob catches his string on the drum almost every turn reflecting his and the BPA's unfamiliarity with capirucho without holding the cord. Bill - "Now we know better what to practice to prepare for competition here." Premier balero match skunked video.

bar27.jpg (44662 bytes)

Tre vs Don Joel Video 9.5Mb

Tre beats Don Joel with the swing flip down exit throw. Don Joel shows superiority with capiruchos reaching the exit throw way before Tre. Tre finally reaches 500 and ends it in 1 throw. Don Joel probably hadn't tried the swing flip down before this match. Premier Beer Balero Video.

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Bill/Homar vs Tin Tan/Bob Video 10MB

Bill and Homar beat Tin Tan and Bob in the Premier Video of a Pairs Competition match. Tin Tan again showing superiority with capiruchos reaching 500 first. Bill makes a couple machismo to catch up but time runs out before anyone makes the exit throw. Homar finishes the match in sudden death.


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Pyramid Poledance Video 8.4Mb

Indian ceremonial performance at Teotihuacan Pyramids, in the parking lot. Usually the performer on top is standing up dancing while they spin, this day there was 50 mile an hour winds, that must have kept him seated.

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bulletTeotihuacan Pyramids Video 22.9 Mb
bulletTeotihuacan Pyramid Pictures

Man made mountains surrounded by earth's mountains with huge stone carvings, quetzalcoatl temple, pyramid of the sun and pyramid of the moon, a mystical place to cleanse your soul where men once became gods.

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bulletXochimilco - Balero Gigante Video 10.2MB
bulletXochimilco - El Balero Gigante Pictures

A gift to Bill from Los Hermanos Castro, makers of Baleros for the BPA, a 4kg massive balero gigante. See everyone get beat up trying to catch this huge balero at Xochimilco.